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American Jewish Voices on Civil Rights and Discriminatory Legislation: Shad Polier

By Poorvi Bellur Part 1: Shad Polier Read Introduction “The AJC began developing its program of using legislation and litigation to protect human rights in 1944 and 1945. At that time many respectable “liberal” organizations told us not to get involved in these projects. We ignored them and went ahead. We did so not because we’re a “liberal” organization but because we’re a Jewish…

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Creating the Promised Land: American Jewish Voices on Civil Rights and Discriminatory Legislation

By Poorvi Bellur Conducted over the course of Black History Month 2017, this research project is structured around primary sources from the archives and the personal collections of each of these individuals and their correspondences with other important leaders of the Civil Rights movement. This study focuses on the umbrella organization of the American Jewish Congress and profiles 3 major voices in the Jewish…

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