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From Access to Integration

Judaica Europeana

Digital Project Demonstration by Dov Winer (European Association for Jewish Culture) Judaica Europeana works with cultural institutions to identify and provide access online to content which documents the Jewish presence and heritage in the cities of Europe. Notes on the Judaica Europeana demonstration at the Center for Jewish History’s “From Access to Integration” conference: To complete this project, a network of 24 institutions (including…

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Digital Heritage Mapping’s Diarna Project

Digital Project Demonstration by Jason Guberman-Pfeffer From Diarna’s website: Diarna is an initiative of Digital Heritage Mapping, a 501c3 non-profit organization using technology to map and preserve cultural heritage sites around the world. “Diarna” means “our homes” in Judeo-Arabic, a version of Arabic mixed with Hebrew spoken by Jews across the Middle East in numerous local dialects. Read an overview article about Diarna ,…

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Digital Project Demonstration by Katherine Kott The ArchivesSpace community is building an open-source web application to manage descriptive information for archives, manuscripts, and digital objects, with generous support from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Notes on the ArchivesSpace demonstration at the Center for Jewish History’s “From Access to Integration” conference: Objective of ArchivesSpace: To build a “next generation” archives management tool (A community effort,…

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Digital Project Demonstrations

“From Access to Integration” – reflecting on the international conference The selection committee used the following criteria to choose digital projects that would present at the conference: The project demonstrates new approaches to creation and integration of technology and content Innovative process (as well as product) Challenges that arise and the ways in which institutions and professionals can think about collaborating to meet them…

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As the conference continues

This morning, in her introduction to the first working session, Carol A. Mandel (Dean, Division of Libraries, New York University) outlines three tasks for our conference participants: First, they should think about what they know from their own scholarship, experience and projects that can be of use in thinking about the projects that are being presented here today. Making these projects “better” can mean…

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Opening Session

Participants: Michael S. Glickman (Chief Operating Officer, Center for Jewish History); Deanna Marcum (Associate Library for Library Services, Library of Congress); Oren Weinberg (Director General, National Library of Israel); Moderator: Stanley N. Katz (Director, Center for Arts and Cultural Policy Studies, Princeton University) Library and archival institutions worldwide are facing the challenge of selecting, processing and presenting collections of electronic material—both digital surrogates of…

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International Conference begins: “From Access to Integration”

From Access to IntegrationAn International ConferenceCenter for Jewish HistoryNovember 9-10, 2011 Check back for notes on conference sessions! “From Access to Integration” is a project of the Center for Jewish History that has been organized to formulate a new process for distributing and disseminating information about the Jewish experience. We already know how access opens doors; we now seek to integrate our projects to…

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