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Alternative Loyalty and the American Council for Judaism

By Steven Trebach, Research Intern I am a Research Intern at the Center for Jewish History (CJH) and a recent graduate of Haverford College. My original goal was to research dual loyalty, which led me to documents concerning the American Council for Judaism (ACJ) within the Center’s Partner’s collections, particularly the American Jewish Historical Society. In the mid-20th century, the ACJ accused Zionist Jews…

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Reform Judaism Founders in America: Isaac Mayer Wise, David Einhorn, and Max Lilienthal

By Josh Daniels, Former Research Intern Josh Daniels is writing a two-part series of blog posts on the intellectual foundations of Reform Judaism. See his first post here. Once Reform Judaism began to spread to America, it encountered a very different environment than the one it came from back in Germany. Politically, the American Constitution promised rights to religious freedom, preventing the government from…

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An Introduction to the Thinkers of Reform Judaism

By Josh Daniels, Former Research Intern Growing up in a secular household, I had only a loose connection to the religion of Judaism.  I attended Hebrew school twice a week for five years, and studied eight months independently for my bar mitzvah.  I attended High Holiday services throughout my high school years, and ended up all but renounced my religious identity into college, where,…

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In Plain Sight: The Marvelous, Unlikely History of Bard Professor Justus Rosenberg

By James Benjamin Nadel, Research Intern You might not expect a 95 year old literature professor to emphasize youth when discussing his life. But that is exactly how Justus Rosenberg described his upcoming talk at the Center for Jewish History to me. “I will do it from the perspective of a teenager…it is for someone like you.” Next Wednesday, Justus will be discussing his…

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Today in History: King David Hotel Bombing

By Emily Burack, Research Intern Seventy years ago, on July 22, 1946, the bombing of the King David Hotel occurred in Mandatory Palestine. The Irgun Zvai Leumi (Irgun), a group that played a key role in the Jewish underground, orchestrated the attack in response to a day known as “Black Sabbath,” June 29, 1946, when British officials arrested nearly 3,000 Zionist officials and raided…

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Bruce Hoffman’s Anonymous Soldiers

By Emily Burack, Research Intern Bruce Hoffman’s Anonymous Soldiers is a comprehensive study of the Jewish underground during Mandatory Palestine. The book won the National Jewish Book Award Prize for Jewish Book of the Year, and it is well deserving of that title. Hoffman, a professor whose expertise is rooted in terrorism studies, approaches the story of the Jewish underground with a fine analytical…

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