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Hadassah Oral Histories—Friendship and Professionalism, Intertwined

By Janine Veazue Oral history is distinguished from other forms of interviews by its content and extent. Oral history interviews seek an in-depth account of personal experience and reflections, with sufficient time allowed for the narrators to give their story the fullness they desire. The content of oral history interviews is grounded in reflections on the past as opposed to commentary on purely contemporary…

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From Bags to Riches: The Life of a Rare Book Collection

Bagged Sobel Collection books in the American Jewish Historical Society stacks. The Sobel collection of early American Jewish printing was donated by the late Morris Sobel, former president of the American Jewish Historical Society, and his wife, Eleanor. Here in the Werner J. and Gisella Levi Cahnman Conservation Laboratory we aim to prolong the life of the Center’s extensive paper-based collections. Flattening, cleaning and…

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