Your Family History, Our Incredible Archives: A Story in the New York Press

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A human-family tree stands by the renovated genealogy institute at the Center for Jewish History in Manhattan. Photographs of couples, children, families, molecular matter, and, atop the trunk, Rosalind Franklin—the British Jewish scientist whose work helped Watson and Crick imagine the double helix—adorn the branches. (Description via the New York Press.) 

We’re thrilled to see today’s New York Press story about “the intensity of personal discovery” at our state-of-the-art Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute. As reporter Philippe Theise writes: “The center welcomes people of all backgrounds to do genealogical research, study archival material, or peruse exhibitions on Jewish history.” The results can be truly revelatory: “‘We had someone for whom we found an immigration document for her grandfather, and she was named after this person,’ said Laura Leone, the director of archive and library services at the center. “Her eyes popped out of her head.’”

Theise did some delving into his own family tree, too: “As I read, I felt the knowledge of my forebears’ world warming my body.” It’s a great feeling. Visit the Genealogy Institute for yourself to explore our resources with the help of our expert librarians and cutting-edge research tools, and you might just experience that warmth as you connect to your own ancestors’ stories.

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