Gimpel Beynish

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Yiddish cartoon from NYC 100 years ago

קָרִיקָטוּרָה מִפַּעַם


Read from right to left!

Today’s cartoon in Yiddish first appeared 1916 in דיא וואַרהייט. This newspaper and others are made available online by the
National Library of Israel on the website Historical Jewish Press – עיתונות יהודית היסטורית. Microfilmed and print copies of newspapers and other material are
available at the Center for Jewish History. Library and archive records can be
found in our catalog.

J.D. Arden is a Reference and Genealogy Librarian at CJH where he
curates and translates historical Jewish cartoons for this series Karikatūrah Mipaām ⚫ קָרִיקָטוּרָה מִפַּעַם

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(קָרִיקָטוּרָה): Hebrew; Comics (American English);
from Italian caricatura; a deliberately exaggerated pictorial
representation to produce a comic effect.

(מִפַּעַם): Hebrew; meaning “of long ago” or “from time.”

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