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Breaking through our Female Ancestor’s Brick Walls: Genealogical Sources for Maiden Names by Moriah Amit

In honor of Women’s History Month, I would like to offer some guidance to those who are seeking to discover and share the stories of their elusive female ancestors. One of the most common “brick walls” that genealogy researchers face when tracing the family history of a female ancestor is that their family doesn’t know her maiden name. For centuries in much of the…

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Free Events for Genealogists of All Levels

The Center for Jewish History invites people of all backgrounds to explore their roots at the landmark Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute. Participants will explore the world of family history research with the guidance of expert genealogists, become familiar with local and online resources, and learn how to present and share their family history. The series will provide an entry point for individuals…

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Stories from the Collections: Uncovering Jewish heritage in the CJH Genealogy Institute

In celebration of Archives Week 2016, Center and partner staff collected and recorded stories about the collections and services at the Center and its partners. If you have ever wondered why archives matter and how archives can change lives, just have a listen. In this recording, Center for Jewish History librarian J.D. Arden talks with genealogy researcher Jessica Dubin about how she used the…

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Ackman & Ziff Family Genealogy Institute Launches Online Map of New York’s Historical Synagogues

By Moriah Amit, M.S.L.I.S., Senior Reference Services Librarian, Genealogy Coordinator, Center for Jewish History Did any of your Jewish ancestors settle in New York City? Have you wondered what life was like for those ancestors who settled on the Lower East Side or any of the dozens of other Jewish neighborhoods that emerged in the city’s five boroughs in the late 19th and early…

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Jewish Genealogical Society meeting Sunday Feb. 21 at 2 PM

From the Spanish Inquisition to the Present: A Search for Jewish Roots, presented by Genie Milgrom Genie Milgrom will discuss her unparalleled work of genealogy, documenting an unbroken maternal lineage back to 1480in Pre-Inquisition Spain and Portugal. Born in Havana, Cuba, to a Roman Catholic family of Spanish ancestry, Genie wasalways interested in her family genealogy, but when she learned of the possibility of…

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