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Greetings from Seasons Past

By James Benjamin Nadel, Communications Outreach Associate How do you reach out to friends and family for the New Year? Do you write them an email or make a call? This year you might, following a long Jewish tradition, consider sending an illustrated postcard. Such was the norm for many Jews living in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. A collection of Rosh…

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In memory of the Beilis Trial: “Beilis Not Guilty, Jews Guilty” (circa 1913). From YIVO Collections.  The dramatic postcard above is a commentary on the notorious 1911 Beilis Trial, which escalated the already rampant anti-Semitic sentiment in tsarist Russia. In a case strikingly similar to the that of the Trial of Trent almost 400 years earlier, it revolved around blood libel. Menahem Mendel Beilis,…

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Organizing Digital Files: Getting Your Photos and Scans in Shape | Preservation Week 2014

We’re honoring National Preservation Week (April 26 through May 3) with a series of posts from our archival experts about the best way to take care of your precious artifacts at home. From April 29 to April 30, we’re also holding free events at the Center. Come by to learn more in person!  by Shayna Marchese, Digital Asset Production Associate, Center for Jewish History Whether you’re…

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